What do I wear on the day of the shoot?
It definitely comes down to our agreement. Usually, I’ll let you know what the theme of the photo shoot will be to give you an idea of what to wear. One thing to keep in mind is to keep the colors solid and eye-catching to produce the best images.

Who chooses the location? Where will it be?
We both brainstorm a possible location and then choose the final location. I’ll scout the agreed location beforehand so it's easier for me to have ideas during the shoot. Locations are usually anywhere in Brooklyn/Manhattan. 

How many pictures can I expect?
A session will usually be around 15 edited pictures. It could be more or less than that but I will definitely deliver at least 10 edited pictures. Ultimately, it comes down to my discretion how much more photos I can fit in appropriately without risking the 3-day deadline.

How long do I have to wait?
Usually within 3 days. I will notify you if there are extenuating circumstances that might conflict within the 3-day deadline.

How can I get my photos?
You will receive an email saying that your photos are ready. Within the email, there will be instructions on how to access your photos.