What's the difference between collaborating with you and hiring you?
Good question! I do collaborations for free, where you trade your modeling experience with my photography skills. In other words, this is free–no money involved since experience is being traded. On the other hand, hiring me involves monetary transaction due to whatever it may be, though usually it is because of the lack of experience. Don't worry, we all start from somewhere!

What do I wear on the day of the shoot?
It definitely comes down to our agreement. Usually, I’ll let you know what the theme of the photo shoot will be to give you an idea of what to wear. One thing to keep in mind is to keep the colors solid and eye-catching to produce the best images. I'll create a mood board if requested.

Who chooses the location? Where will it be?
I choose the location unless you have a recommendation or a suggestion. I’ll scout possible locations beforehand. Locations are usually anywhere in Manhattan.

How long is the session going to last?
Usually within between 45-90 minutes. However, some session can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as 120 minutes.

How many pictures can I expect?
I choose and edit the best 10 pictures out of all. If you want, we can sit at a café after and choose together which of the following photos I will edit. That way, you get more input rather than me solely choosing!

How long do I have to wait?
The final pictures are delivered 5 days after the photo shoot.

How can I get my photos?
It’s simple. Go back here and go to the CLIENT PHOTOS. Don't worry, I got your pictures privately secured! You'll see your first name pop up. It is password-secured so I will give you a unique 4 number code. You will see all ten photos in there. I will attach a link at the bottom of the page where a higher resolution of the pictures can be downloaded. I will hold the images for 14 days until I take them down from the CLIENT PHOTOS section. Please save them as soon as possible!

Is there a Model Release Form?
Yes. I will send you the Model Release Form once everything is good to go for the shoot.
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